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ITDVDS.COMWindows XP Pro Administration

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Installing XP Pro
Installing XP Pro Part 1  
Installing XP Pro Part 2  

XP Pro Basics
File Systems  
Software and Hardware Compatibility  
Work Groups vs. Domains  
Work Groups vs. Domains Part 2  
Migrating User Files and Settings  
Activate Windows  
Trouble Shooting Installation  

Unattended Installation
Creating an Unattended Answer File  
Using an Answer File  

Understanding the Boot Process
Understanding the boot.ini  

System Restore  
Automated System Recovery  
Using the ASR Disk  
Recovery Console  
Advanced Boot Options  

Devices and Drivers
Device Manager  
Uninstall and Disable Devices  
Updating a Driver  
Scanning for Hardware Changes  
Driver Signing Policy  
Rolling Back Drivers  

User Settings
Display Properties  
Start Menu and Task Bar  
Regional and Language Options  
Changing Accessibility Options  
User Profiles  

User Administration
Creating a User  
Local Groups  

Understanding IP Addressing
Basic TCP/IP  
Octets and Binary  
Octets and Binary Part 2  
Automatic Private IP Addressing  
Subnetting Part 1  
Subnetting Part 2  
IP Classes  
Classless IP Addressing  

Name Resolution
DNS and WINS  
Troubleshooting Name Resolution  

Remote Usage
Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance  
Creating a VPN Connection  

Working with Disks
Creating a Partition  
Delete a Partition  
Dynamic Disks  
Extending a Volume  

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