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ITDVDS.COMWindows Server 2016 Hyper-V Training - New Features

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Windows Server 2016 Licensing and Editions
Hyper-V Manager Improvements

Virtual Machine and Hyper-V Host New Features
New Virtual Machine Versions
Upgrading the Virtual Machine Version
Creating a Virtual Machine with a Lower Virtual Machine Version
Hot Remove Memory
Hot Add Virtual NICs
Production Checkpoints
PowerShell Direct
Nested Virtualization
What is the Host Guardian Service and Shielded VMs
Host Resource Protection
Other New Features

Hyper-V Cluster New Features
Create a Shared Virtual Hard Disk in a Virtual Cluster
Resize a Shared Virtual Hard Disk
Virtual Machine Resiliency
Configuring Virtual Machine Resiliency
Virtual Machine Node Fairness
Virtual Machine Start Order
Storage Quality of Service
Rolling Hyper-V Cluster Upgrades

Storage Spaces Direct
What is Storage Spaces Direct
Storage Spaces Direct Requirements and Features
Understanding Cache and Storage Tiering in Storage Spaces Direct
Storage Spaces Direct Lab with Virtual Machines
Install the Failover Cluster Feature
Validate the Cluster for Storage Spaces Direct
Create a Cluster
Configure a File Share Witness
Enable Storage Spaces Direct
Check For Available Disks
Create a New Storage Pool
Configure Disk Type for Virtual Lab
Create a Storage Tiers
Create a Virtual Disk and a New Volume Part 1
Create a Virtual Disk and a New Volume Part 2
Create a Virtual Disk and a New Volume Part 3
Create Scale-Out File Server
Seeing a Node Failure
Deleting Virtual Disks and Volumes
Extending a Virtual Disk and Volume
Adding Disks to the Pool
Removing Disks from the Pool
Handling a Hard Disk Failure
Optimizing the Storage Pool

Containers and Docker
What are Containers and Docker?
More about Docker
Install the Container Feature
Install Docker and Run Docker as a Service
View and Install the Base Container Images
Download More Images from the Docker Hub Registry
Deploy a Container
Seeing the Inside of a Container
Starting, Stopping, and Removing Containers
Creating a New Container Image
Creating a New Container Image with a Docker File
Windows Server Containers vs Hyper-V Containers
Allowing for Nested Virtualization
Install Hyper-V Role
Deploying a Container as a Hyper-V Container
Containers vs Virtual Machines
NAT and Containers
Creating a Transparent Network
Creating a Container Data Volume
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