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ITDVDS.COMWindows Server 2016 Administration Training

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Server Hardware
Understanding Virtual Machines and Azure
Windows Server 2016 with the Desktop Experience vs Server Core vs Nano
Windows Server 2016 Editions and Licensing

What is PowerShell and the Importance of PowerShell with Server 2016
Using Cmdlets and Getting Help With Cmdlets
Piping Cmdlets
Formatting Cmdlet Output
More PowerShell Training

Initial Configuration and Administration
Download the Windows Server 2016 ISO Image
Burning a DVD or Creating a Bootable USB Key for Server 2016 Installation
Configuring a Server BIOS
Installing Windows 2016 Server Core
Installing Windows 2016 with the Desktop Experience
Installing Windows Server 2016 on a Virtual Machine
Locally Administering Windows Server 2016 Server Core
Using Server Manager
Configuring a Network Interface
Remotely Administering Windows Server 2016 Server Core with Server Manager
Remotely Administering Windows Server 2016 Server Core with PowerShell
Remotely Administering Windows Server 2016 Server Core with Computer Management
Installing the Remote Server Administration Tools on Windows 10
Remote Desktop
Activating Windows
Changing the Server Name
Creating Local Users
Adding Users to Local Groups
Workgroups vs Domains
Creating a Workgroup and Adding a Server to a Workgroup
Joining a Server to a Domain
Logging in and Accessing Resources With Domain Accounts
Adding Roles and Features on a Server
Adding Roles and Features on Server Core
Removing Roles and Features
Running Administrative Tools as a Different User
Configuring Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration
Using Windows Update

File and Folder Permissions
NTFS Permissions Part 1
NTFS Permissions Part 2
Setting NTFS Permissions
Combining Permissions
Understanding Inheritance
Forcing Inheritance
Understanding Deny Permissions Part 1
Understanding Deny Permissions Part 2
Advanced Permissions
Object Owners and the Creator Owner Group
Taking Ownership of a File or Folder
Group Policy and Taking Ownership
NTFS Permissions in Depth
Troubleshooting Permissions with Effective Access
Understanding How Moving and Copying Files Affects Permissions
Configuring NTFS Permissions with ICACLS
Configuring NTFS Permissions with PowerShell
File Attributes

File and Folder Sharing
Installing the File Server Role
Creating Shared Folders
Using Advanced Sharing
Understanding Share Permissions
Creating Shared Folders with Computer Management
Creating Shared Folders on Server Core
Creating Shared Folders with Server Manager
Access Based Enumeration
Removing a Share and Viewing Existing Shares
Administrative and Hidden Shares
Sharing Folders from the Commandline and with PowerShell
Mapping a Network Drive

Managing Hard Disks, Drives, and Volumes
Viewing Disks, Drives, and Volumes
Creating a Volume
Creating a Volume with PowerShell
Deleting a Volume
Basic Vs. Dynamic Disks and Upgrading a Basic Disk
Creating a Mirrored Volume
Creating a RAID 5 Volume
Extending a Volume
Shrinking a Volume

Storage Spaces
What are Storage Spaces?
Create a Storage Pool
Create a Fixed Virtual Disk
Create a Thin Virtual Disk
When to use Thin Virtual Disk vs Thick Virtual Disk
Create a Volume on a Virtual Disk
Adding a Disk to a Storage Pool
Configure a Disk as a Hot Spare
Extending a Virtual Disk and a Volume
Removing a Physical Disk from a Storage Pool
Recover from a Hard Disk Failure in a Storage Pool Part 1
Recover from a Hard Disk Failure in a Storage Pool Part 2
Administer Storage Spaces from the Control Panel
Creating a Storage Pool with PowerShell

Backup and Recovery
Install Windows Server Backup Feature
Backing up Data
Restoring Data
Taking a Full Server Backup
Restoring a Full Server Backup
Scheduling Server Backups
Backing Up Windows Server Core
Backing Up Windows Server with PowerShell
Creating Shadow Copies
Restoring Shadow Copies

Managing Windows Services
What is a Windows Service?
Starting, Stopping, and Disabling Services
Changing the User Account the Service Runs Under

Active Directory Administration
What is Active Directory and What are Domain Controllers?
Installing Active Directory and Creating a Domain
Built-in Domain Users and Groups
Organizational Units
Creating and Editing Domain Users
Creating and Editing Domain Groups
Nesting Groups
Group Scope
Domain and Forest Functional Levels

Group Policy
What is Group Policy?
Creating a Group Policy Object
Linking the Group Policy Object
Modifying the Default Domain Group Policy Object

What is DNS?
Adding a DNS Record
Reverse Lookup Zones
Other DNS Records

What is DHCP?
Installing DHCP on a Server and Authorizing the DHCP Server
Creating and Configuring DHCP Scopes
Configuring Other Scope and Server Options
Seeing DHCP in Action
DHCP Reservations
DHCP Exclusions

Install Print Server Role
Adding a Printer to a Print Server
Publishing a Printer in Active Directory and Connecting to a Printer

TroubleShooting and Monitoring Windows 2012 R2
Task Manager and Resource Monitor
Event Viewer

Nano Server
What is Nano Server?
Understanding the Different Options for Deploying Nano with PowerShell
Create Nano Server Image for a Nano Virtual Machine
Deploying Nano as a Virtual Machine
Ways to Deploy Nano Server to a Physical Machine
Create Nano Server Image for a Nano Physical Machine
Create a Bootable USB Key for Nano Deployment
Deploying Nano as a Physical Machine
Configuring Nano Server IP Address and Firewall After Deployment
Connecting Remotely to Nano Server with PowerShell
Configure DNS for Nano Server
Configure the Firewall Remotely on Nano
Joining a Nano Server to the Domain after it is Deployed
Administering Nano Server Remotely with GUI Tools
Creating a New Share on a Nano Server
Installing More Roles and Features for Nano Server After Deploying Nano Server
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