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ITDVDS.COMWindows Server 2012 Hyper-V 3.0 Training - New Features

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New Hyper-V Host and Virtual Machine Configuration Limits

Virtual Machine Configuration
Configuring Minimum Memory
Configuring Smart Paging
Configuring Single-Root I/O Virtualization
Configuring a Virtual Fibre Channel Adapter

Managing Virtual Machines
Importing a Virtual Machine by Copying Virtual Machine Files Manually
Performing a Live Migration in a Non-Clustered Environment
Performing a Live Storage Migration
Configuring Resource Metering
Deleting Virtual Machine Snapshots Live File Cleanup

Hyper-V Host Configuration and Administration
Configuring an SMB 3.0 File Share for Storage of Virtual Machines
Support for 3rd Party Virtual Switches

Hyper-V Replica
Configure the Hyper-V Hosts for Replication
Configure the Firewall to Allow Replication
Configure a Virtual Machine for Replication and Perform the Initial Replication
Configure Replica Virtual NICs
Perform a Test Failover
Perform a Planned Failover and Failback
Perform a Real Failover
Perform a Real Failback
Pause Replication
Monitoring Replication
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