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ITDVDS.COM70-293 - Planning and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure

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Maintaining IP Addressing
Basic TCP/IP  
Octets and Binary  
Octets and Binary Part 2  
Subnetting Part 1  
Subnetting Part 2  
IP Classes  
Classless IP Addressing  
Automatic Private IP Addressing  

Maintaining a Network Infrastructure
Intalling a DHCP Server  
Configuring a DHCP Server  
Address Reservations  
Scope Options  
Forwarding BootP  
Configure a DHCP Relay Agent  
Configuring a Super Scope  
Backing Up DHCP  
User and Vendor Classes  
Installing DNS  
DNS Server Roles  
Creating Zones  
Creating DNS Records  
Name Server Properties  
Creating a Stub Zone  
Creating Reverse DNS  
SRV Records  
Dynamic DNS  
Active Directory Integrated Zones  
Aging and Scavaging  
Delegating Zones  
Windows and Unix DNS  
Installing WINS  
Configuring WINS  
Replicating WINS  
Configuring the WINS client  

Routing and Remote Access
Configuring Routing and Remote Access  
Remote Access Authentication  
Remote Access Authentication  
Creating Remote Access Policy  
Static Routes  
Configuring DHCP Relay Agent  
Routing Protocols  

Maintaining Network Security
Assigning IP Security Policy  
Using Group Policy to Apply IP Sec  
Modifying IP Sec Rules  
Creating a Security Policy Part 1  
Creating a Security Policy Part 2  
IP Security Monitor  
Local Vs. Domain Security Policy  
Security Templates  
Apply and Compare Templates  

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