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ITDVDS.COMWindows Server 2003 Administration

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Administration Basics
Install Admin Tools  
Create Local Account  
Create Domain Account  
Adding a Domain Account to a Local Group  
Create a Domain Group  
Adding Domain Group to Local Group  
Create a Computer Account  
Creating an Organizational Unit  
User Properties  
Computer Options  

Managing Users
Disable and Unlock Accounts  
User Account Templates  
Searching the Domain  
Resetting Passwords  

Managing Groups
Group Scope  
Group Type  
Changing Group Scope  

Managing Shares
Create a File Share  
Administering File Shares  
Publishing a Share in Active Directory  
Administrative Shares  

Managing Permissions
NTFS Permissions  
NTFS Inheritence  
How Moving and Copying Files Affects NTFS Permissions  
Combining Share and NTFS Permissions  
Effective Permissions  

Managing Organizational Units
Organizational Units  
Delegating Control  
OU Group Policy  

Managing Group Policy
Installing Group Policy Management  
Creating Group Policy Object  
Configuring Group Policy Object  
Blocking Group Policy Inheritence  
Enforcing Group Policy  
Filtering Group Policy  

Managing Security
Local Vs. Domain Security Policy  
Security Templates  
Apply and Compare Templates  

Remote Administration
Remote Desktop  
Remote MMC  

Device Drivers
Driver Signing Policy  
Rolling Back Drivers  

Managing Disks and Data Storage
Creating a Partition  
Delete a Partition  
Converting and Extending Dynamic Disks  
Windows RAID  
Change Drive Letters  
Compressing Folders  
Shadow Copy  
Shadow Copy Client  

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