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ITDVDS.COM70-294 - Planning, Implementing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory

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Our Active Directory Infrastructure
Installing Active Directory  
Active Directory Tools  
Infrastructure Diagram  
Installing a Second Domain Controller  
Configuring DNS on Second DC  

Active Directory Replication
Creating a New Site  
Rename a Site  
Creating a New Site Subnet  
Adding a Domain Controller to a Site  
Inter Site Replication  
Intra Site Replication  
Forcing Replication  
Bridgehead Servers  
Creating a Global Catalog Server  

Managing Multiple Domains
Functional Levels  
Operations Master Roles at the Domain Level  
Operations Master Roles at the Forest Level  
Delegating Organizational Unit Permissions  
Creating a Child Domain  
Configuring the Child Domain DNS  
Different Types of Trusts  
Parent Child Trust Properties  
Create Forest Trust Part 1  
Create Forest Trust Part 2  

Administering Active Directory
Create Users with the GUI and Command Line  
Moving Users with the GUI and Command Line  
Group Scope  
Changing Group Scope  
Group Types  
Universal Groups  
Renaming a Domain Controller  
Renaming a Domain  

Group Policy
OU Group Policy  
Installing Group Policy Management Snap-in  
Creating a Group Policy Object  
Configuring a Group Policy Object  
Blocking Group Policy Inheritence  
Enforcing Group Policy  
Filtering Group Policy  
Folder Redirection  
Deploying Software with Group Policy  
Local Vs. Domain Security Policy  
Security Templates  
Apply and Compare Template  

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