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ITDVDS.COMWindows 10 Administration Training

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Windows 10 Editions

Upgrading to Windows 10
Upgrade Paths and the Free Upgrade
Preparing for a Windows 10 Upgrade
Reserving a Free Upgrade Copy of Windows 10
Checking Upgrade Compatibility and Using Windows Update to Upgrade to Windows 10
Upgrading Using the Media Creation Tool
Post Upgrade Tasks
How to Perform a Free Upgrade with a Clean Installation
Finding the Correct Partition When Upgrading with a Clean Installation
Reverting Back to Windows 7 or Windows 8 and Deleting Windows.old Directory

Performing a Clean Installation of Windows 10
Configuring the BIOS Boot Order
Creating a Bootable Windows 10 USB Key
Creating a Bootable Windows 10 DVD and ISO Image
Installing Windows 10 Part 1
Installing Windows 10 Part 2
Activating Windows 10

New Features
Start Menu
Snap Assist
Tablet Mode
Action Center
Virtual Desktops
Microsoft Edge Browser
Windowed Windows Store Apps
Command Prompt Copy and Paste
Windows Hello Login
Working with ISO Images

Configuring the User Interface
Configure Desktop Icons
Configuring Background and Theme
Configuring Visual Effects
Configuring Task Bar Options
Configuring the Display and Text Size
Using Multiple Monitors
Using PowerShell Instead of Command Prompt in Shortcut Menu
Configuring Screen Saver and Auto Lock

File Explorer and Search
Quick Access
Configuring File and Folder Options
Configuring Search and Search Indexing
Performing Advanced Searches

Workgroups vs Domains vs Azure Domain
Local Accounts vs Domain Accounts vs Microsoft Accounts
Creating a Local Account
Creating a Microsoft Account
Using an Existing Microsoft Account
Converting a Local Account to a Microsoft Account
Only Using a Microsoft Account for the Windows Store
Adding a Work or School Account
Configuring a Microsoft Account and Sync Settings
Removing a Microsoft Account from a Local Account
Switching a Microsoft Account to a Local Account
Changing and Recovering Passwords
Create a Password Reset Disk
Different Ways to Log In
Automatically Login or Create User With No Password
Using Credential Manager
Changing a Username
Creating a Domain Account in Active Directory
Logging in with a Domain Account and Configuring Permissions for a Domain User
Editing a Domain Account
Adding a Microsoft Account to a Domain Account
Preventing Users from Using Microsoft Accounts in Domain Joined Computers
Assigned Access Accounts

Joining a Computer to a Domain
Configuring the Windows Firewall Profile to Join a Computer to a Domain
Joining Windows 10 to an Active Directory Domain

Local Groups and Domain Groups
Creating Groups and Adding and Removing Users from Groups
Authenticated Users Group

File and Folder Permissions
NTFS Permissions
Setting NTFS Permissions
Understanding Inheritance
Forcing Inheritance
Understanding Deny Permission
Advanced Permissions
Object Owners and the Creator Owner Group
Taking Ownership of a File or Folder
Group Policy and Taking Ownership
NTFS Permissions in Depth
Troubleshooting Permissions with Effective Access

File Sharing
Creating a File Share
Understanding Share Permissions

Administering User Profiles
Understanding User Profiles
Using the Default User Profile

Managing Applications
Configure Automatic Update for Apps
Using External Storage for Apps
Configure Default Applications
Uninstalling an App or Program
Configuring Application Compatibility Level
Recovering From a Failed or Incomplete Program Uninstall
Adding and Removing Windows Features

Installing and Managing Devices and Drivers
Adding and Removing Network Devices
Adding and Removing Bluetooth Devices
Using Device Manager to View and Configure Devices and Drivers
Updating and Rolling Back Drivers
Uninstalling and Disabling Devices

Adding and Removing Printers
Configuring Printers
Setting the Default Printer
Managing Print Jobs and Printer Queues
Sharing Printers
Connecting to Shared Printers

Working with Disks and Storage
Finding What is Using Up Storage
Creating a New Volume
Resizing a Volume
Changing Drive Letters
Deleting a Volume
Using Dynamic Disks and RAID
Creating a Spanned or Striped Volume
Creating a Virtual Hard Drive
Dynamically Expanding Disks and Over Allocation
What are Storage Spaces?
Creating a Storage Pool and a Storage Space
Creating Additional Storage Spaces
Changing the Size of a Storage Space
Seeing Physical Disk Usage for Storage Pool
Adding Disks to a Storage Pool
Removing a Disk From a Storage Pool
Check Disk
Disk Defragmenter
Disk Cleanup
Disk Quotas

Encrypting Files and Folders
BitLocker Drive Encryption
Configuring User Account Control
Configuring Windows Defender
Turning On and Off Windows Firewall
Opening Ports on the Windows Firewall
Changing the Active Firewall Profile

VPN and Remote Desktop
Creating a VPN Connection
Enabling Remote Desktop and Connecting to a Remote Desktop

Windows Updates
Configuring Windows Updates

Monitoring, Optimizing and Troubleshooting Windows 10
Viewing System Information
Running a Hardware Performance Check
Configuring Automated Maintenance
Configuring Power Performance
Increasing Disk Performance
Dealing With Graphics Performance
Using Task Manager and Resource Monitor to Determine Bottlenecks
Using Event Viewer
Using Performance Monitor
Using Reliability Monitor
Using msconfig
Using Safe Mode
Using Automatic Repair

Backup and Restore
Understanding the Different Backup Options
System Protection and Restore Points
Using File History
Restoring Files from File History and Using Previous Versions
Create a Recovery Drive
Performing a System Image Backup
Performing a System Image Recovery
Using Windows Backup to Backup Files and Schedule Backups
Restoring Files from Windows Backup
Resetting this PC

Hyper-V on Windows 10
Installing the Hyper-V Feature
Create a Virtual Switch
Creating a Virtual Machine
Installing an Operating System on the Virtual Machine
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