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ITDVDS.COMWindows Server Update Services 3 With Service Pack 2 Training

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What is WSUS 3.0 with SP 2 - Windows Server Update Services?
System Requirements
WSUS Client Requirements

WSUS 3.0 SP2 Installation
Choosing a WSUS Architecture
Installing WSUS Prerequisites
Install IIS
Configure IIS for WSUS 3 With Service Pack 2
Downloading the WSUS Installation Package
Installing WSUS
Configuring the First WSUS Server

Installing WSUS 3.0 SP2 Using a Remote SQL Server 2008 Back End
Limitations of Using SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008
Configuring the SQL Server 2008 Instance
Confirming that SQL Server is Using Kerberos
Configuring a User Account with the Proper SQL Permissions for the WSUS Install
Installing WSUS and Using the Remote SQL Server 2008 for the Back End

WSUS Management Console
Installing the WSUS Management Console on a Windows 7 Desktop

Basic WSUS Administration
Adding Computers with the Local GPO
Adding Computers with Group Policy
Windows Update Group Policy Settings Part 1
Windows Update Group Policy Settings Part 2
Creating Computer Groups
Manually Adding Computers to Computer Groups
Adding Computers to Groups with Group Policy
Approving Updates
Automatically Approving Updates
Applying Updates Immediately
Searching for Updates
Configuring Clients for Updates that Require Reboots

Configuring a Tiered Updates Structure for WSUS Clients
What is a Tiered Update Structure
Creating Tiered Groups in WSUS
Creating Active Directory Groups for Automatic WSUS Group Assignment
Creating Multiple GPOs for Automatic WSUS Group Assignment
Configuring Multiple GPOs for Automatic WSUS Group Assignment Part 1
Configuring Multiple GPOs for Automatic WSUS Group Assignment Part 2
Linking Multiple GPOs and Adding Computers to Active Directory Groups
Configuring WSUS to Assign Groups Based on Group Policy
Approving Updates for the Tiered WSUS Structure
Creating a New Updates View For Update Approval

Configuring the WSUS Server
Configuring the Update Source
Configuring a Proxy Server
Changing Products and Classifications
Changing Update Storage Options
Configuring the Languages that Updates are Downloaded In
Scheduling Update Synchronization

Managing WSUS
Centralized vs Decentralized WSUS Management
Creating a WSUS DownStream Replica for Centralized Management
Creating a WSUS Autonomous DownStream Installation for Decentralized Management

Branch Offices
Configuring Clients to use a Downstream WSUS Server
Configuring a WSUS Server to Use Branch Cache
Configuring Windows 7 Clients for Distributed Branch Cache
Configuring Windows 7 Clients for Hosted Branch Cache
Disabling Branch Cache for Windows 7 Clients
Using Group Policy to Configure Branch Cache

Roaming Clients
Configuring DNS for Roaming Clients

Generating Reports for Updates Status
Generating Reports for Computer Status
Generating Synchronization Reports
Exporting Reports to Excel or PDF
Determining Which Computers an Update Applies to

Email Notifications
Configuring WSUS with an Email Server
Emailing Approved Update Status Reports and WSUS Synchronization Reports

Managing WSUS from the CommandLine
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