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ITDVDS.COMWindows Vista Administration

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User Interface Tour  
Personalize Vista Part 1  
Personalize Vista Part 2  
Windows Vista Editions  

Basic Administration
Installing Vista  
Domain and Workgroup Overview  
Changing Work Group Name  
Joining a Computer to a Domain  

Group Policy
Group Policy Introduction  
Policies Vs. Preferences  
Administrative Templates  
Creating a Group Policy Object  
Linking a GPO to an Organizational Unit  
Group Policy Processing  
Modifying the Group Policy Background Refresh Interval  
Synchronous Vs. Asynchronous GPO Processing  
Local Group Policy Objects  
Local Administrators and Non-Administrators GPO  
Local User Specific GPO  
Group Policy Object Precedence  

Managing User Profiles
User Profile Namespace Part 1  
User Profile Namespace Part 2  
Default Network Profile  
Local Roaming User Profiles  
Implementing Roaming Profiles Part 1  
Implementing Roaming Profiles Part 2  
Configuring a Mandatory Profile  
Configuring a Super Mandatory Profile  
Setting Permissions for Folder Redirection  
Creating a Folder Redirection GPO  
Linking the GPO and Seeing Folder Redirection in Action  
Advanced Folder Redirection  
Setting Permissions for Advanced Folder Redirection  
Create a GPO for Advanced Folder Redirection  
Linking the GPO for Advanced Folder Redirection and Seeing it in Action  
Offline Files  
Making a File or Folder Available Offline  
Sync Center  
Configuring Disk Space Available for Offline Files  
Configuring a GPO to Not Make a Redirected Folder Available Offline  
Configuring Offline Files with Group Policy  

Managing Hard Disks, Volumes, and Data in Vista
Junction Points  
Creating a Symbolic Link  
Creating a Hard Link  
Configuring Disk Quotas  
Configuring a Disk Quota with the Command Line  
Configuring Disk Quota Group Policy  
MBR Vs. GPT Partition Styles  
Converting a Disk from MBR to GPT  
Basic Vs. Dynamic Disks  
Creating a Simple Volume  
Upgrading a Basic Disk to Dynamic  
Creating a Spanned Volume  
Creating a Striped Volume  
Extending a Volume on a Basic Disk  
Shrinking a Volume  
Deleting a Volume  
Using Diskpart from the Command Line  
Defragmenting Drives  
Complete PC Backup  
Complete PC Restore  
Complete PC Backup from the Command Line  
Scheduling a Complete PC Backup  
Backing Up Files and Folders  
Restoring Files and Folders  
Restoring Files to a Different Computer  
Managing Backups with Group Policy  
Previous Versions of Files and Shadow Copy  

Devices and Drivers in Vista
Driver Store, Driver Packaging, and Driver Staging  
Staging Drivers with PNPUtil from the Command Line  
Manage Devices and Drivers with Group Policy  
TroubleShooting a Driver with the SetupAPI log file  

Adding a Printer  
Managing a Printer and Print Jobs  

Vista Updates and Security Patches
Windows Update Client  
Using Group Policy to Control Windows Update  

User Account Control
User Account Control  
Configuring UAC  
Configuring UAC with Group Policy  

Remote Desktop
Enabling Remote Desktop  
Remote Desktop Settings  
Configuring Remote Desktop with Group Policy  

TroubleShooting Vista
Task Manager  
Event Viewer  
Resource Monitor  
Reliability Monitor  
Performance Monitor  

TroubleShooting Vista Startup Problems
TroubleShooting Vista Startup Problems  
Using Startup Repair  
Using BootRec.exe  
Using System Restore and System Restore Points  
Using Last Known Good Configuration  
Enable Boot Logging  
Logging Into Safe Mode  
Event Viewer in Safe Mode  
Using System Information in Safe Mode  
Using Device Manager in Safe Mode  
Analyzing the Boot Log File in Safe Mode  
Using MSConfig.exe  
Disabling Startup Programs with Windows Defender  

TroubleShooting Hardware and Application Problems
Using the Problem Reports and Solutions Tool  
Using Data Collector Sets  
Running Memory Diagnostics  
Using Check Disk from the Comand Line  

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