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ITDVDS.COMVMware vSphere 6 Virtual SAN 6.0 Training

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What is vSphere Virtual SAN 6.0?
Virtual SAN Concepts
Requirements for vSphere Virtual SAN and Host Resource Usage
Limitations and Configuration Maximums of vSphere Virtual SAN

Building a vSphere Virtual SAN
Preparing the Host Storage Controller
Creating a Cluster
Configuring the Network
Enabling Virtual SAN
Adding a Virtual SAN License
Claiming Disks for a Disk Group
Fixing Disks that Do Not Show Up as Available for vSAN Part 1
Fixing Disks that Do Not Show Up as Available for vSAN Part 2
Viewing Disks in ESXi Hosts
Creating Virtual Machines on a vSAN Datastore

Configuring Virtual SAN Storage
Creating Multiple Disk Groups on an ESXi Host
Adding a Disk to a Disk Group
Removing a Disk from a Disk Group
Removing a Disk Group from a Virtual SAN
Marking a Disk as Flash or Marking a Flash Device to be Used for Storage
Turning On Disk Locator LEDs

Virtual SAN Policies
Viewing and Editing the Virtual SAN Default Storage Policy
Define a Virtual Machine Storage Policy for Virtual SAN
Assign a Default Storage Policy to Virtual SAN Datastores

Fault Domains
What are Fault Domains
Configuring Fault Domains in Virtual SAN Clusters

Monitoring Virtual SAN
Monitoring the Virtual SAN Cluster
Configuring Virtual SAN Alarms
Downloading and Installing the Virtual SAN Health Check Plug-in
Installing the Virtual SAN Health Check Plug-in on ESXi Hosts
Monitoring Virtual SAN with the Health Check Plug-in

Troubleshooting the vSphere Virtual SAN
Putting a vSAN Host in Maintenance Mode
How Failures are Handled
Handling a Failed Disk or Flash Device
Shutting Down the Virtual SAN Cluster
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