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ITDVDS.COMVMware vSphere 6 New Features Training

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vSphere 6 Licensing
ESXi Free Version
Upgrading to vSphere 6 Requirements
ESXi Host and Virtual Machine Scalability Improvements and Guest OS Support
vSphere Web Client and vSphere Thick Client

Installing ESXi 6
ESXi Installation Requirements and Installation Options
Configure DNS
Update BIOS, Server and IO Device Firmware
Configuring the BIOS
Configuring RAID
Download ESXi ISO Image
Installing ESXi 6
Using the ESXi Direct Console User Interface for Initial Network Configuration
Installing the vSphere Thick Client and Connecting to an ESXi Host

Installing vCenter 6 on Windows
vCenter 6 Installation Requirements
vCenter 6 Hardware Requirements
vCenter 6 Database Requirements
Verifying vCenter Server DNS
Installing vCenter 6
Connecting to vCenter 6 with the vSphere Web Client

vCenter Server Appliance
vCenter Appliance Support
Configure DNS for the vCenter Appliance
Installing the Client Integration Plugin
Installing the vCenter Appliance
Joining the vCenter Appliance to an Active Directory Domain

Platform Services Controller
Platform Services Controller and Single Sign On Domain
Installing an External Platform Services Controller
Installing vCenter and Connecting to an External Platform Services Controller
Installing a Second vCenter Server and Connecting to External Platform Services Controller
Seeing vCenter Enhanced Linked Mode in Action
Platform Service Controller Redundancy
Installing a Second Platform Services Controller and Joining an Existing SSO Domain
Seeing a Platform Services Controller Failure
Repointing a vCenter Appliance to a Different Platform Services Controller
Repointing vCenter that is on Windows to a Different Platform Services Controller

Single Sign On and Active Directory Integration
Joining an External Platform Services Controller Appliance to an Active Directory Domain
Configuring Active Directory Authentication for vCenter
Understanding Roles and Permissions
Giving an Active Directory User and Group Permissions to Access vCenter
Permissions to Administer Platform Services Controller and Single Sign On Groups
Setting the Default Domain
Nesting Groups from Different Identity Sources

Security Improvements
Account Lockout and Password Complexity Requirements
Auditing Improvements
Flexible Lockdown Modes
vSphere Certificate Architecture
Trusting the VMCA Certificate on a Windows Computer
Using Group Policy to Trust the VMCA Certificate On All Computers in Domain

Content Library
Create a Published Content Library
Add An ISO Image to a Published Content Library
Create a Subscribed Content Library
Add a VM Template to a Content Library and Synchronize Subscribed Library
Deploy a Virtual Machine from a VM Template in the Content Library

vMotion New Features
Cross vSwitch vMotion and Other vMotion Improvements
Cross vCenter vMotion

Fault Tolerance (FT) New Features
New Fault Tolerance Features
Enabling Fault Tolerance on a Virtual Machine with Multiple Virtual CPUs

High Availability
Protect Against Storage Connectivity Loss

Networking Enhancements
Set Guaranteed Bandwidth per vNiC

vSphere Replication New Features
Deploying the Replication Appliance to the Source Site
Deploying the Replication Appliance to the Target Site
Isolating Replication Traffic to and from ESXi Hosts
Isolating Replication Traffic to and from Replication Appliances
Using Network IO Control on Replication Traffic
End to End Network Compression
Moving Replicas Without Full Sync
Linux File System Quiescing and IPv6 Support

Storage and Backup New Features
Virtual Volumes
Virtual SAN 6.0
vSphere Data Protection 6.0

Microsoft Clustering (MSCS) Improvements
Microsoft Clustering Improvements
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