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ITDVDS.COMVMware vSphere 6 Backup with vSphere Data Protection Training

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What is vSphere Data Protection 6 and VDP Licensing?
vSphere Data Protection Requirements and Issues

Installing vSphere Data Data Protection 6
Configuring DNS
Deploying the VDP Appliance
Enable SSH on VDP Appliance
Install Hotfix for Modern Browsers
Registering the VDP Appliance with vCenter and Initial VDP Configuration
Viewing the VDP Appliance Status and Storage

Backing Up Virtual Machines with vSphere Data Protection 6
Creating a Backup Job
Manually Running a Backup Job
Backing Up Individual Disks
Cloning a Backup Job
Disabling or Deleting Backup Jobs
Locking and Unlocking Backups

Restoring Virtual Machines
Restoring a Virtual Machine
Restoring a Virtual Machine to a Different Location
Restoring a Virtual Disk
Performing a File Level Restore from the Virtual Machine that was Backed Up
Performing a File Level Restore from a Different Virtual Machine
Emergency Restores

Backing Up and Restoring Enterprise Applications
Backing Up Enterprise Applications Like SQL Server and Exchange

Automatic Backup Verification
How Automatic Backup Verification Works and Limitations
Configuring Automatic Backup Verification
Manually Running a Backup Verification Job
Disabling, Deleting or Editing a Backup Verification Job

Disaster Recovery with vSphere Data Protection
Using Backup Replication for Backup Data Redundancy
Copying Backups to Tape

Monitoring vSphere Data Protection
Viewing Reports
Setting Up Email Reports
Configuring Backup and Maintenance Windows
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