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ITDVDS.COMVMware vSphere 5 Virtualization Basics Training

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What is Virtualization and Why Do We Use It?
What is a Virtual Machine?
What is VMware vSphere and the Different Components of vSphere
VMware vSphere Hypervisor vs VMware vSphere
Understanding Over Commitment of Resources and Resource Sharing

Basic vSphere Administration
Seeing the Console of an ESXi Host
Installing the vSphere Client
Logging Into an ESXi Host and vCenter with the vSphere Client
vSphere Administration Overview of a Standalone ESXi Host
vSphere Administration Overview of a ESXi Hosts Managed by vCenter
Using the vSphere Web Client
Adding an ESXi Host to vCenter

Basic Virtual Machine Administration
Creating a Virtual Machine
The Different Ways to Install a Guest OS on a Virtual Machine
Creating ISO Images of CDs and DVDs
Copying ISO Images to ESXi Hosts
Installing a Guest Operating System on a Virtual Machine
Installing VMware Tools on a Virtual Machine
Powering On, Powering Off, Suspending and Rebooting Virtual Machines
Configuring Virtual Hardware on a Virtual Machine
Taking a Virtual Machine Snapshot
Reverting to Virtual Machine Snapshots
Virtual Machine File Basics

Basic vSphere Networking Administration
Understanding vSwitches and Virtual Machine Networking Part 1
Understanding vSwitches and Virtual Machine Networking Part 2
Configuring the Management Network
Creating a New vSwitch
Creating a New Virtual Machine Port Group
Configuring a Virtual Machine to Use the New Port Group
Understanding the VMkernel Port Group

Basic vSphere Storage Administration
Understanding Datastores and Storage in vSphere
Creating a Local Datastore
Creating a Shared Datastore
Browsing Datastores and Copying Files To and From Datastores
Creating Virtual Disks for a Virtual Machine
Viewing Datastore Properties

Basic vMotion and Storage vMotion
What is vMotion and Migrating a Virtual Machine with vMotion
What is Storage vMotion and Migrating a Virtual Machine with Storage vMotion

Overview of vSphere High Availability, Fault Tolerance, DRS and SDRS
What is High Availability (HA)?
What is Fault Tolerance (FT)?
What is Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)?
What is Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (SDRS)?
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