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ITDVDS.COMVMWare VMotion, DRS, and HA (High Availability) Administration

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Setting Up the Environment
Architecture and Hardware Compatibility  
How ESX Connects to Storage  
Installing ESX and a Host Bus Adapter  
Creating a Cluster in Virtual Center  
Adding ESX Hosts to a Virtual Center Cluster  
Licensing an ESX Host for VMotion  
Creating a Shared DataStore  

VMotion Configuration and Administration
Create the VMKernel Network and Enable VMotion  
Create a Virtual Machine on the Shared DataStore  
Migrating a Virtual Machine with VMotion  

DRS Configuration and Administration
Enabling DRS  
DRS Automation Level and Migration Threshold  
Creating a DRS Rule  
Setting DRS Automation at the Virtual Machine Level Part 1  
Setting DRS Automation at the Virtual Machine Level Part 2  
DRS Start Up Recomendations  
Viewing DRS Migration Recomendations  

Resource Pools
Creating a Resource Pool  
Specifying Virtual Machine Resource Reservation and Limits  
Adding a Virtual Machine to a Resource Pool  
Monitoring a Resource Pool Utilizations  

HA (High Availability)
Enabling HA  
Host Failure Threshold and Admission Control  
Restart Priority and Isolation  

Viewing Events  

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