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ITDVDS.COMUpgrading to Exchange 2010 from Exchange 2003

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Planning to Upgrade from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010
Prerequisites to Upgrade to Exchange 2010  
Migration Steps  
Transport with Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2010 Coexistence  
Migration Diagram  
Important Exchange 2003 Features Discontinued or De-emphasized in Exchange 2010  
Exchange Server Deployment Assistant  
Exchange Pre-Deployment Analyzer  
Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer  
Configuring Active Directory Sites  
Management and Administration Permissions  

Preparing Exchange 2003 Organization to Upgrade to Exchange 2010
Install Service Pack 2 on Exchange 2003  
Change to Exchange 2003 Native Mode  
Suppress Link State Updates in Exchange 2003  

Preparing Active Directory for Exchange 2010 and Installing Exchange 2010
Install .NET  
Run DCDiag  
Install Prerequisites  
Notes on Required Role Services and Features  
Installing Required Hotfixes  
Prepare Legacy Exchange Permissions  
Preparing the Active Directory Schema Manually  
Verifying Schema Replication  
Preparing Active Directory Manually  
Verify Active Directory Replication  
Preparing the Domain Manually  
Exchange 2010 Role Deployment Order  
Installing Exchange 2010 With Service Pack 1  
Seeing Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2010 Coexistence  

Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2003 Certificates
Supporting External and Internal Domains with One Certificate in Exchange 2010  
Certificates and Exchange Services  
Create Exchange Certificate Request  
Submit Exchange Server Certificate Requests and Download Certificate  
Import Exchange Certificate and Assign Exchange Services  
Export Certificate and Import Certificate on Exchange 2003  

Migrating to Exchange 2010 from Exchange 2003
Configuring RPC Encryption on Client Access Servers For Outlook 2003  
Enable Outlook Anywhere  
Configure Legacy URLs for OWA and ActiveSync in Internal DNS  
Configure Legacy URLs for OWA and ActiveSync in External DNS  
Install Hotfix for ActiveSync Coexistence and Enable Integrated Windows Authentication  
Set Legacy URLs in Exchange 2010  
Test Legacy URL  
Configure Receive Connector  
Create and Configure Send Connector  
Add Accepted Email Domains  
Testing Mail Delivery  
Replicate Public Folders  
Migrating Offline Address Books  
Configuring Internal and External DNS for OWA, ActiveSync, and Mail Delivery  
Migrating Mailboxes  
Migrating Public Folders  
Migrate Public Folder Hierarchy  
Migrating Address Lists  

Remove Exchange 2003
Before Deleting Anything  
Delete Information Stores  
Delete Routing Group Connectors  
Delete Domain Recipient Update Service  
Delete the Enterprise Recipient Update Service  
Uninstall Exchange 2003  

Testing and Conclusion  

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