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ITDVDS.COMUpgrading From Virtual Center 2.x ESX 3.x to vSphere

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Upgrade Virtual Center 2.x to vCenter 4
Download vSphere vCenter 4  
Important Prerequisites for Upgrading to vSphere  
Backup the Virtual Center SSL Certificates  
Backup the vpxd.cfg File  
Backup the Virtual Center Database  
Enable Bulk Logging on vCenter Database  
Ensure Proper Database Permissions  
Upgrade to vCenter  
Configure SQL to Use TCP/IP and Named Pipes  

Upgrade vCenter Components
Upgrade VMware Converter  
Upgrade to vCenter Update Manager  
Upgrade to vCenter Guided Consolidation  
Change Database Recovery Model Back to Full  
Update the vSphere Client  
Update the vSphere Client Plug-ins  

Upgrade ESX Hosts
Different Ways to Update ESX Hosts  
Download the ESX 4 ISO  
Upgrade to ESX 4 Using the Host Update Utility  
Create Host Upgrade Baseline  
Attach the Upgrade Baseling and Scan for Compliance  
Upgrade to ESX 4 Using vCenter Update Manager  

Upgrade Virtual Machines
Upgrade VMware Tools With the vSphere Client  
Upgrade Virtual Machine Hardware With the vSphere Client  
Create a Baseline Group  
Attach a Baseline Group and Scan for Compliance  
Upgrade VMware Tools and Virtual Hardware With vCenter Update Manager  

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