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ITDVDS.COMTroubleshooting Windows Blue Screens and Analyzing Memory Dumps

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Stop Errors a.k.a. Blue Screens
What Causes Stop Errors and Blue Screens  
Deciphering a Stop Error Message  
Common Stop Errors  

Capturing and Analyzing Memory Dumps
Configuring Memory Dump Settings to Analyze Stop Errors  
Manually Initiating a Stop Error  
Downloading and Installing WinDbg Debugger to Analyze Dump Files  
Analyzing Stop Errors and Memory Dumps a.k.a. Blue Screen of Death  
Preventing System Restarts After Stop Errors  

Determining the Cause of the Blue Screen
Finding Information about the Stop Error  
Finding Information about the Driver that is Causing the Problem  
Troubleshooting Drivers With SetupAPI.log files and Error Codes  
Troubleshooting Drivers With Driver Verifier  
Troubleshooting Drivers With Signature Verifier  

Fixing Blues Screens and Stop Errors
Rolling Back and Updating Drivers  
Removing Hardware  
Using Tools From the System Recovery Command Prompt  
Replacing Missing or Corrupt Files from the System Recovery Command Prompt  
MoveFile and PendMove  
Safe Mode  
Last Known Good Configuration  
Boot Logging  
Using the Shift Key During Startup  
Using Startup Repair from the System Recovery GUI  
System Restore from the System Recovery GUI  
Windows Memory Diagnostics  
Other Tools  
Restoring System Settings To a Certain Point in Time  
Restoring a System Image Backup  
System Restore from the System Recovery GUI  
Getting Help From Microsoft  

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