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ITDVDS.COMSystem Center 2016 Configuration Manager (Current Branch) Training

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What is System Center Configuration Manager
Understanding System Center Configuration Manager Versions
System Center Configuration Manager Components
System Center Configuration Manager Requirements
SQL Server Requirements
System Center Configuration Manager Scaling and Planning

Deploy PKI and Certificates for System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch
Certificates Overview
Install Active Directory Certificate Services Role
What is a Certificate Authority and What are Certificates Part 1
What is a Certificate Authority and What are Certificates Part 2
Configure CA Web Enrollment Web Site for SSL
Configure CRL Distribution Points
Creating a Security Group for Certificate Deployment
Create the Web Server Certificate Template for Site Systems that Run IIS
Requesting the Web Server Certificate
Creating the Client Authentication Certificate Template
Configuring Autoenrollment of the Client Authentication Template
Verifying the Client Authentication Certificate Installation
Creating a Client Distribution Point Certificate Template
Requesting and Exporting the Client Distribution Point Certificate
Creating an Enrollment for Mobile Device Certificate Template
Creating a Cloud Based Distribution Point Certificate Template
Requesting and Exporting the Cloud Based Distribution Point Certificate

Installing System Center Configuration Manager 2016
Preparing the SQL Server
Extend Active Directory Schema
Create the Systems Management Container in Active Directory
Install Prerequisites and IIS
Install WSUS
Configure IIS to use SSL and Install BITS
Install Windows 10 ADK
Check Prerequisites
Install System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch Part 1
Install System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch Part 2
Verify the Publishing for the Configuration Manager Site
Configure IIS Request Filtering for CRL Requests and MSI
Configure Distribution Point Certificate
Upgrading System Center Configuration Manager to the Latest Build
Configure Reporting Services
Install a Reporting Services Point
Installing the System Center Configuration Manager Console
Brief Configuration Manager Console Tour

Configuring System Center Configuration Manager
Configuring SCCM Site Properties
Configuring Active Directory Sites
Discovery Methods
Discovering Users and Network Topology
Discovering Devices and Groups
Creating Device Collections Part 1
Creating Device Collections Part 2
Viewing and Configuring Device Collection Properties
Viewing and Creating User Collections
Configure a Network Access Account
Installing Site System Roles
Create Boundaries and Boundary Groups
Configuring a Fallback Site
Distribution Point Groups
Configuring Role Based Administration

Installing and Managing the Configuration Manager Client
Client Installation Methods
Configure a User Push Installation
Configure Group Policy for Push Installation
Installing the Client with the Push Method
Viewing the Configuration Manager Client Properties
Troubleshooting the Client Installation
Manually Installing the Client
Installing the Client with Group Policy
Assigning a Site with Group Policy
Configuring Automatic Client Installation
Monitoring Client Deployment
Configuring Client Settings
Reinstall or Uninstall the Client
Configuring Client Upgrades
Reassign a Site for a Client and Block or Unblock Clients

Managing Clients
Monitoring Client Status
Configuring Hardware Inventory Collection and Classes
Viewing Hardware Inventory
Software Inventory
Configure Power Management Settings
Remotely Administering Clients
Configuring User Device Affinity
Use Client Notifications

Managing Windows Updates with System Center Configuration Manager
Creating Maintenance Windows
Configure SCCM to WSUS Sync Account
Installing a Software Update Point (SUP)
Performing the Initial SUP Sync
Troubleshooting and Monitoring the WSUS Sync with SCCM
Adding Windows 10 Products to SUP
Configuring the Software Update Point
Configuring Client Settings for Software Updates
Search for Updates
Create a Software Update Group
Create a Deployment Package and Download Updates
Deploy the Updates
Monitoring Updates
Create Automatic Deployment Rules
Understanding Windows 10 Feature Builds and Branches, and Configuring Group Policy
Configuring Windows 10 Servicing and Feature Deployments
Viewing the Windows as a Service Dashboard
Viewing Windows Update Reports

Deploying Applications
Creating an Application in SCCM
Configuring the Deployment Type and Adding Requirements
Distribute an Application to Distribution Points and Deploy the Application
Monitoring an Application Deployment
Superseding Applications
Simulating a Deployment
Installing the Application Catalog Service and Website Point
Enable the New Software Center
Deploying Applications to Users
Installing Applications from Software Center
Deploying Store Apps
Viewing Application Reports

Endpoint Protection
Install the Endpoint Protection Point Site System Role
Enable Endpoint Protection On Clients
Configuring Client Scanning the Client Antimalware Policy
Monitoring the Endpoint Client and Malware Detection

Managing Compliance
What is Compliance and Remediation
Creating a Configuration Item the Old Way Part 1
Creating a Configuration Item the Old Way Part 2
Creating a Configuration Item for Windows 10
Creating and Deploying a Baseline
Manually Checking Compliance
Monitoring Compliance
Managing Revisions
Download and Install the Microsoft Security Compliance Manager
Download and Import Windows 10 Baselines
Exporting Baselines from Security Compliance Manager
Importing a Baseline Into SCCM and Deploy them
Monitoring Compliance with Reports

Using Reporting and Alerts
Configure Email Settings for Alerts and Reports
Subscribing to Reports

Backing Up and Maintaining System Center Configuration Manager
Configure Site Server and Site Database Backups
Configure Maintenance Tasks
Membership Checklist
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