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ITDVDS.COMWindows Server 2016 Hyper-V Training - Virtualization Basics

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Virtualization Concepts
What is Virtualization and Why Do We Use It?
What is a Virtual Machine?
What is Cloud Computing?
Hyper-V Editions
What is System Center Virtual Machine Manager?

Basic Hyper-V Virtual Machine Administration
Using Hyper-V Manager
Installing Hyper-V Manager on a Desktop
Creating a Virtual Machine
Installing a Guest Operating System
Using the Virtual Machine Console Connection and Enhanced Console Connection
Stopping, Starting, and Pausing a Virtual Machine
Understanding Virtual Hardware
Configuring Virtual Machine Memory and Understanding Dynamic Memory
Configuring the Number of Virtual Processors
Adding and Removing Virtual Hardware
Understanding and Adding Virtual Hard Disks to a Virtual Machine Part 1
Understanding and Adding Virtual Hard Disks to a Virtual Machine Part 2
Using Checkpoints

Building a Hyper-V Host
Installing Hyper-V on a Windows 10 Desktop
Configuring the Host Server BIOS
Configure the Hyper-V Host Server Name, IP Address, and Join a Domain
Installing the Hyper-V Role
Configure Default Location For Virtual Hard Disks and Virtual Machine Files
Basic Networking Concepts
Understanding Virtual Switches and Hyper-V Network Types
Creating a New Virtual Switch

An Introduction to More Advanced Hyper-V Concepts
Live Migration, Storage Migration, and Hyper-V Clusters
Other Virtualization Platforms
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