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ITDVDS.COMSQL Server 2005 - Administration

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Basic Administration
Installing SQL Server 2005  
Installing a Named Instance  
SQL Management Studio  
Registering SQL Servers  
Create a Database with Management Studio  
Create a Table with Management Studio  
Creating Primary and Foreign Keys  
Creating a Database Diagram  
Running a TSQL Query  
Configuration Manager  
Transaction Logs  
Transaction Log Options  
System Databases  

SQL Server Security
Authentication Modes  
Adding a Windows Login  
Creating a SQL Account  
Login Security Options  
Database Login Security Options  
Managing Schemas  

Automating SQL Server
SQL Agent  
Setting Up Database Mail  
Configure SQL Agent  
Create an Operator  
Create a Job  
View Job History  
Creating an Alert  

Recovery Model  
Backing Up a Database  
Restoring a Database  

Other Tools
Generating Server Reports  
SQL Profiler  

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