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ITDVDS.COMPowerShell Version 3.0 Training

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PowerShell Basics
What is PowerShell?
PowerShell Version 3 System Requirements
PowerShell Version 3 New Features Overview
Download Windows Management Framework 3.0
Installing PowerShell Version 3 on Windows 7
Installing PowerShell Version 3 on Windows Server 2008 R2
Installing PowerShell Version 3 on Windows Server 2008
Launching the PowerShell Console
Customizing the PowerShell Console
Determining Current PowerShell Version
Running PowerShell Console with Administrative Privileges or as a Different User

Using PowerShell Cmdlets
Tips and Shortcuts when Typing cmdlets in the PowerShell Console
Updating PowerShell Help
Getting Help and Examples for a cmdlet
Understanding cmdlet Syntax
Finding cmdlets
Finding cmdlets with Show-Command
Understanding and Creating Aliases
Getting Command History
Understanding Piping
Using the -whatif and the -confirm Parameters
Formatting cmdlet Output
Redirecting Output to a Text File
Filtering Output with Select-Object
Filtering Output with Where-Object Version 2 Syntax
Filtering Output with Where-Object Version 3 Syntax
Sorting Output
Comparing Objects
Using Wildcards
Using Variables and Storing Output in Variables
Viewing Automatic Variables
Using Quotes and Single Quotes
Creating New Objects
Determining if Last Command Ran Successfully
Running Other PowerShell Versions
Installing PowerShell Version 2 on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
Using Command Prompt Commands from PowerShell
Installing Remote Server Administration Tools for Remote PowerShell Administration

Working with Files
Reading a Text File
Filtering a Text File
Writing Output to Text Files with Out-File
Formatting Table Columns
Preventing Truncation When Outputing to Text Files
Preventing Enumeration Truncation
Reading CSV Files
Writing Output to a Comma Delimited File
Reading XML Files
Writing Output as XML

PowerShell Remote Administration
Using Cmdlets that Support the ComputerName Parameter
Enabling WinRM Remoting
Creating a Remote Session
Running a Single Command Remotely

PowerShell Scripts
Configuring Execution Policy
Bypassing the Execution Policy
Launching the PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE)
Creating a PowerShell Script
Using the if Statement
Using the switch Statement
Using Arrays
Using the while Loop
Using the do while Loop
Using the do until Loop
Using the for Loop
Using the foreach Loop
Putting it Together with Example Part 1
Putting it Together with Example Part 2
Scripts and Aliases
Creating a Function and Adding Parameters to Functions Part 1
Creating a Function and Adding Parameters to Functions Part 2
Adding Parameters to Scripts
Adding Comments
Debugging Scripts
Getting PowerShell Scripts from Script Repository

Using WMI with PowerShell
Using WMI Objects
Finding WMI Classes
Using WMI Against Remote Machines

Scheduling Jobs With PowerShell
Creating a Job
Viewing Job Results
Removing Jobs

Windows PowerShell Web Access
Installing the Windows PowerShell Web Access Feature
Install the PowerShell Web Application
Add Authorization Rules
Connecting to PowerShell Web Access
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