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ITDVDS.COMIPv6 Training - Addressing, Subnetting, and Routing

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Important Notes About Prerequisites and Test

Binary, Decimal, and Hexadecimal
Binary Numbers, Decimal, and Hexadecimal Numbers
Converting a Nibble to Decimal and Hexadecimal
Converting a Byte to Decimal
Converting a Byte to Hexadecimal
Converting Decimal Numbers to Byte Part 1
Converting Decimal Numbers to Byte Part 2
Converting Hexadecimal Numbers to a Byte
Converting Hexadecimal to Decimal

IPv6 Addresses and Subnetting
Tips for Understanding IPv6 Now That You Understand IPv4
Hexadecimal Review
IPv6 Introduction and Writing IPv6 Addresses
IPv6 Address Examples
IPv6 Address Types
Special IPv6 Addresses and Special IPv6 Multicast Addresses
Understanding Link Local Addresses
IPv6 Address Type Examples
IPv6 Subnetting Part 1
IPv6 Subnetting Part 2
IPv6 Routing Protocols
Configuring an IPv6 Address on a Cisco Router Interface
IPv6 EUI-64 Format
IPv6 EUI-64 Example
Configuring a Router Interface Using the EUI-64 Format
Viewing IPv6 Router Interface Configuration
Real World Reasons for Manually Configuring Link Local Address
Configuring the Link Local Address on a Router Interface

IPv6 Routing Basics
ICMPv6 and the Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP)
Discovering MAC Addresses with NDP (ARPs Replacement in IPv6)
Viewing the Neighbor Discovery Table
Enabling IPv6 Routing on a Router
IPv6 Example Diagram and Configuring Routers Part 1
IPv6 Example Diagram and Configuring Routers Part 2
Configuring Static IPv6 Routes Using Next Hop Address
Configuring Static IPv6 Routes Using Outgoing Interface
Troubleshooting Routes
Configuring a Default Route for IPv6
IPv6 Routing and Encapsulation Example
Real World IPv6 Security with Global Unicast Addresses and No NAT or PAT
Real World Getting Global Unicast IP Addresses

Configuring IPv6 Clients and Hosts
Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (SLAAC) and DHCPv6
Configuring DHCPv6 on a Cisco Router to Hand Out DNS Servers
Seeing Autoconfiguration on a Windows Client
Configuring a DCHPv6 Relay Agent
Using Static IPv6 Addresses on Servers
Using DCHP or Stateless Autoconfiguration to Configure Router Interface IP
Configuring a Windows Server to Deliver SLAAC

EIGRP for IPv6
Using EIGRPv6 on Real Routers in a Lab
Configure EIGRPv6 on Routers and Interface Part 1
Configure EIGRPv6 on Routers and Interface Part 2
Turning on EIGRPv6
Viewing EIGRPv6 Routes
Configure EIGRPv6 Hello Interval and Hold Time
Configure EIGRPv6 Maximum Concurrent Paths
Viewing and Troubleshooting EIGRPv6 Status

IPv6 Transition Technologies
IPv6 Transition Technologies
Configuring 6to4
Configuring Teredo
Configuring ISATAP
Configuring Transition Technologies with Group Policy
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