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ITDVDS.COMUsing Virtual Server 2005 to Cluster Exchange 2003

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Step by Step
Cluster Diagram Part 1  
Cluster Diagram Part 2  
Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 Intro  
Creating a Domain Controller  
Configuring the Domain Controller  
Promoting the Domain Controller  
Create Heartbeat Network  
Creating Quorum Shared Disk  
Creating Shared Data Disk  
Creating Node A Virtual Server  
Configure Node A  
Creating Node B Virtual Server  
Confgure Node B  
Create Cluster Service Account  
Add Quorum Shared Drive to Node A  
Configure Quorum Drive on Node A  
Add Quorum Drive to Node B  
Configure Quorum Drive Node B  
Configure Cluster Service Node A  
Adding Node B to Cluster  
Post Installation Configuration  
Adding Shared Data Disk Node A  
Configure Shared Data Disk Node A  
Adding Shared Data Disk Node B  
Configure Shared Data Disk Node B  
Adding Clustered Disk Resource  
Installing Exchange Prereqs  
Create a Second Domain Controller Virtual Server  
Configure Second Domain Controller  
Run Forest Prep  
Run Domain Prep  
Install Exchange Node A  
Install Exchange Node B  
Install Service Pack on Node A  
Install Service Pack on Node B  
Create Exchange Clustered Resources  
Create Clustered System Attendant  

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