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ITDVDS.COMExcel 2007 Upgrade (For users with experience using prior versions of Excel)

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New Features - Introduction
Larger Limits  
User Interface Tour  
Quick Access Toolbar  
Excel Options  
Mini Toolbar and Live Preview  
New Viewing Options  

Working with Tables (a.k.a. Lists)
Creating and Formatting Tables  
Creating a Custom Table Style  
Conditional Formatting  
Customizing Conditional Formatting Rules  
Create a New Conditional Formatting Rule  
Pick From a Drop Down List  
Removing Duplicates  

New Features - Advanced
Working with Themes, Colors, Fonts, and Effects  
Creating a New Theme  
Using Consolidate  
Using Text to Columns  
Headers and Footers  
Formula Auto Complete  
Name Manager  

Working with Charts
Creating Charts  
Formatting Charts with the Ribbon Part 1  
Formatting Charts with the Ribbon Part 2  
Formatting Charts with the Dialog Box  
Creating and Using Chart Templates  

Working with Pivot Tables
Creating a Pivot Table  
Formatting a Pivot Table  
Pivot Table Formulas  

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