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ITDVDS.COMVMWare ESX Server 3 and Virtual Center 2 Administration

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ESX Server Administration Basics
Installing ESX Server  
Installing the Virtual Infrastructure Client  
Connecting to the ESX Server  
ESX Server Licensing  
Resource Pools  
Creating a Virtual Machine  
Options for Putting an Operating System on a Virtual Machine  
Booting from a Client CD ROM  
Configuring SSH on the ESX Server for Root Access  
Copying an ISO file to an ESX Server  
Booting from an ISO Image  

Taking a Snapshot of a Virtual Machine  
Reverting Back to a Snapshot  
Process Tree Snapshots  

Administering and Changing Virtual Machines
Installing VMWare Tools  
Increasing Memory on a Virtual Machine  
Adding a Disk to a Virtual Machine  
Removing a Disk from a Virtual Machine  
Adding a Network Adapter  
Adding a CD ROM Drive  
Deleting a Virtual Machine  

Configuring the ESX Server
Configuring Physical and Logical Processors  
Configuring Memory Option  
Viewing DataStores  
Adding and Extending DataStores  
Network Configuration Overview  
Adding a Virtual Switch  
Advanced Virtual Switch Configuration Options  
Storage and Network Adapters  
License Configuration  
Configuring DNS and Routing  
Configuring a Virtual Machine for Auto Startup/Shutdown  
Security and Firewall Settings  
ESX Server Resources  
Advanced Host Settings  

Virtual Center
Installing Virtual Center  
Connecting to Virtual Center  
Adding a DataCenter  
Creating a Cluster  
Configuring Hosts to Use a License Server  
Adding Hosts to a Cluster  
Virtual Center Tour  

Migrating Virtual Machines
Virtual Machine Migration  
Advanced Migration  

Virtual Machine Templates
Cloning a Virtual Machine to a Template  
Converting a Virtual Machine Directly to a Template  
Copying a Template  
Converting a Template to a Virtual Machine  
Installing Sysprep on Virtual Center Server  
Deploying a VM from a Template and Customizing the Guest OS  
Customizing the Guest OS with a Customization Specification  

Cloning Virtual Machines
Installing SysPrep on Virtual Center Server  
Cloning a Virtual Machine and Customizing the Guest OS  

Administering Permissions, Users, Groups, and Roles
Roles Explained  
Creating Roles  
Assinging Permissions to an Object in Inventory  
ESX Server Permissions Vs. Virtual Center Permissions  

Scheduled Tasks
Scheduled Tasks  
Creating a Scheduled Task to Power On a Virtual Machine  
Creating a Scheduled Task to Take a Snapshot of a Virtual Machine  

Monitoring ESX Servers
Viewing Performance Charts  
Exporting Performance Charts  
Configuring Performance Counter Collection  
Viewing Active Sessions  
Configuring the Virtual Center Server to Send Email  
Configuring an Alarm to Send Email  
Creating Alarms  
Configuring SNMP  
Viewing the Virtual Center Log  
Viewing Virtual Center Maps  

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