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ITDVDS.COMDeploying a Highly Available VPN for Remote Clients with Windows Server 2016

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Introduction and VPN vs DirectAccess
Highly Available VPN Diagram
VPN Protocols and High Availability

Create NLB Cluster for CRL
Install IIS and NLB for CRL Web Servers
Configure Remote Administration with IIS Manager
Enable MAC Address Spoofing on Hyper-V Virtual Machines
Create NLB Cluster for CRL Web Servers
Configure a Cisco Switch for NLB Cluster

Deploying a PKI and Certificates for a Highly Available VPN Deployment
Create a Certificate Authority for PKI
Configure CA Web Enrollment Website for SSL
What is the Certificate Revocation List (CRL)?
Configure Internal and External DNS for CRL
Configure NAT for CRL
Create and Configure CRL Distribution and Website Part 1
Create and Configure CRL Distribution and Website Part 2
Test CRL Website
Create VPN Server Certificate Template
Add VPN Certificate to VPN Servers
Create Network Policy Certificate
Configure Auto Enrollment Group Policy
Verify NPS Certificate Enrollment

Deploying a Highly Available VPN with Windows Server 2016
Configure Internal and External DNS
Configure NAT for VPN
Understanding Split Tunneling
Configure Static Routes for VPN Clients that Access Multiple Subnets
Configure NICs on VPN Servers
Install Remote Access Role and NLB on VPN Servers
Configure VPN Server
Configure Static Routes
Testing with a VPN Client
Configure 2nd VPN Server
Test the 2nd VPN Server
Create the NLB Cluster
Test the Cluster
Add the 2nd VPN Server to the Cluster
Testing the Completed VPN Cluster
Seeing a VPN Server Failure
Adding and Removing VPN Servers from the Load Balance

Deploying Multiple Network Policy Servers for Highly Available RADIUS Authentication
Create VPN Users Group
Install the Network Policy Role and Register NPS in AD
Configure the Network Policy Server
Configure the VPN Server to Use the NPS Server as a RADIUS Server
Test VPN Connection
Test Network Policy Server Failure

Configuring VPN Clients
Configuring Split Tunnel
Configuring Non Domain Joined Clients to Trust the Enterprise CA

Configuring Other VPN Protocols
Configuring L2TP VPN Connections
Configuring L2TP for Client VPN Connections on Windows
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