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ITDVDS.COMDeploying Highly Available Microsoft DirectAccess for Remote Clients with Windows Server 2016

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How DirectAccess Works and DirectAccess vs VPN
DirectAccess Requirements
Direct Access IPv4 to IPv6 Protocols
DirectAccess Network Topologies
Firewall Configuration for Different Network Topologies

Simple DirectAccess Deployment
Simple DirectAccess Diagram
Create External DNS Record
Create NAT for DirectAccess Server
Create DirectAccess Group
Install DirectAccess Role
Configure DirectAccess
Viewing Group Policy Objects and Verifying Group Policy Has Been Applied
Seeing DirectAccess In Action Part 1
Seeing DirectAccess In Action Part 2

Highly Available Advanced DirectAccess Deployment
Highly Available Advanced DirectAccess Diagram
Create Internal and External DNS Records
Create DirectAccess Groups
Create NAT for CRL and DirectAccess Servers

Create NLB Cluster for CRL and NLS
Install IIS and NLB on NLS and CRL Web Servers
Configure Remote Administration with IIS Manager
Enable MAC Address Spoofing on Hyper-V Virtual Machines
Create NLB Cluster for NLS and CRL Web Servers
Configure a Cisco Switch for NLB Cluster
Add Host to Web Server Cluster and Test Cluster

Deploying a PKI and Certificates for a Highly Available DirectAccess Deployment
Create a Certificate Authority for PKI
Configure CA Web Enrollment Website for SSL
Create and Configure CRL Distribution and Website Part 1
Create and Configure CRL Distribution and Website Part 2
Test CRL Website
Create DirectAccess Client Certificate Template
Configure Auto Enrollment of DirectAccess Client Certificates
Confirm DirectAccess Client Certificate Auto Enrollment
Create and Add SSL Certificate to NLS Web Servers
Create and Add SSL Certificate to DirectAccess Servers

Deploy DirectAccess Using the Remote Access Setup Wizard
Notes about Deploying a DirectAccess Server with Two NICs
Install the DirectAccess Role
Configure DirectAccess Server Part 1
Configure DirectAccess Server Part 2
View the DirectAccess Group Policy Objects
See DirectAccess In Action

Create a Highly Available DirectAccess Server Cluster
Install the NLB Role on the DirectAccess Server
Create the DirectAccess NLB Cluster
Change the NLB Cluster to Multicast
Add the 2nd DirectAccess Server to the Cluster
Add an NRPT Exemption for the CRL
Test Highly Available DirectAccess
Testing a Windows 7 DirectAccess Client

Other DirectAccess Configuration Options
Allow DirectAccess Clients to Use Local Name Resolution
Configuring Force Tunnel

Managing Clients When They Are Not Connected Internally (Manage Out)
IPv6 and Manage Out -- IPv6 is necessary, but can use ISATAP
Creating an ISATAP Router for Use with an External Load Balancer
Add DNS Records for ISATAP Routers in an all IPv4 Network
Configure Management Computer with ISATAP Routers
Configure a Computer to be a Management Computer
Configure DirectAccess Client Firewall for Remote Management Part 1
Configure DirectAccess Client Firewall for Remote Management Part 2
Resolving Issue with Windows 10 and Server 2016 Manage Out
Seeing Remote Management (Manage Out) of DirectAccess Clients

Monitoring and Reporting
Monitoring DirectAccess Servers
Monitoring DirectAccess Clients
Disconnect a DirectAccess Client
Configure Accounting and Generate Usage Reports

Troubleshooting DirectAccess
DirectAccess Client Troubleshooting Tool (DACTT)
Troubleshooting DirectAccess Part 1
Troubleshooting DirectAccess Part 2
Troubleshooting DirectAccess Part 3

More DirectAccess Options
DirectAccess Geographic Redundancy
DirectAccess Two-Factor Authentication
DirectAccess and Azure
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