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ITDVDS.COMDeploying Windows 10 with System Center 2016 Configuration Manager (Current Branch)

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Introduction and SCCM and MDT Integration
Installing System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch

Creating a Reference Image
Importing the Windows 10 Image
Create a Share to Capture the Reference Image
Create a Build and Capture Task Sequence
Viewing the Task Sequence
Create a Package for Windows 10 Customization
Create a Registry File to Disable the Consumer Experience
Add a Task Sequence Step to Disable the Consumer Experience
Distribute Task Sequence
Enabling Command Support in the Boot Image
Create Bootable Media for Reference Computer
Create a Collection for Reference Computer
Deploy Reference Computer Task Sequence
Create Reference Computer and Capture Reference Image
Import the New Reference Image
Troubleshooting Deployment or Capture of Reference Image

Deploying a Windows 10 Image
Enabling PXE Support for Deployment
Create a Task Sequence to Deploy Windows 10
Deploy the Task Sequence
Adding a Variable for the Computer Name
Deploy Custom Windows 10 Image
Adding a Task for Certificate Enrollment

Working with User Data to Migrate to Windows 10
Creating a State Migration Point
Create a Device Collection for Upgrade
Create a Task Sequence for an Upgrade to Windows 10
Deploy the Upgrade Task Sequence
Distribute the Content
Upgrade to Windows 10

Performing an In Place Upgrade
Adding a Operating System Upgrade Package
Create a Task Sequence for an In Place Upgrade
Deploy the Task In Place Upgrade Task Sequence to a Collection
Performing the In Place Upgrade

Working with Drivers
Adding Drivers to SCCM
Creating a Driver Package
Understanding How Drivers get Applied

Monitoring Deployment
Monitoring Deployments

SCCM and the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Integration
Installing the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
Integrating the Microsoft Deployment Toolki
Added Features from Integrating SCCM with MDT
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