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ITDVDS.COMDeploying Windows 10 with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

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What is the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and Deployment Options for Windows 10
Thin vs Thick Images
Deploying Windows 10 and User Profiles

Install the MDT and ADK
Download and Install the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
Download and Install the Assessment and Deployment Kit

Windows Deployment Services
Install DHCP and Configure DHCP
Install Windows Deployment Services and Configure Windows Deployment Services
DHCP, PXE, and Subnets

Creating the MDT Deployment Environment
Create the MDT Account
Create a Deployment Share

Creating and Capturing a Reference Image
Add the Windows 10 Setup Files
Create a Task Sequence
Creating a New Task
Using a Suspend Task
Configuring Deployment Share Rules
Update the Deployment Share and Configure Boot Image Options
Create Boot Image DVD and add Boot Image to Windows Deployment Services
Create a Virtual Machine to be the Reference Computer
Create and Capture the Reference Image Part 1
Create and Capture the Reference Image Part 2
Import the Captured Image

Working With Applications
Add an MSI or EXE to MDT
Create an Office Application in MDT

Deploying New Windows 10 Computers
Create a Deployment Task Sequence
Deploy Windows 10
Add Drivers to the Deployment Share

Migrating User Data
Create and Set Permissions on a Migration Data Share
Create a Capture User Data Task Sequence
Capture User Data
Migrate User Data During a Windows 10 Deployment

Performing an In Place Upgrade to Windows 10 with MDT
Create an Upgrade Task Sequence
In Place Upgrade a Computer to Windows 10

Automating the Deployment Wizard
Customizing the CustomSettings.ini and BootStrap.ini
Enable Monitoring
Membership Checklist
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