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ITDVDS.COMCisco Exam 200-101 ICND2 - Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2

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Certification Paths
Lab Equipment and Lab Simulators

Networking Basics
Data Encapsulation
Data Encapsulation Example Part 1
Data Encapsulation Example Part 2
Data Encapsulation Example Part 3

Managing a Cisco Router
Setting Up a TFTP Server
Backup the Running-Config to TFTP
Backup the Startup-Config to TFTP
Backup the IOS to TFTP
Restoring the Config From TFTP
Restoring the IOS From TFTP
Upgrading the IOS From TFTP
Restoring the IOS From ROMMON Prompt
Reasons for Copying an IOS Directly to DRAM from a TFTP Server
Copying an IOS Directly to DRAM from ROMMON using a TFTP Server
Router Password Recovery
Erasing the Configuration
Using the Cisco IOS File System
Configuration Register Values
Using Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)
Configuring the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)

Licensing and IOS Features
Cisco Feature Navigator
Cisco Licensing
Cisco License Manager
Viewing Licenses
Manually Activating Licenses
Activating a Right To Use Evaluation License

Static IP Routing and Basic Cisco Routing Configuration
Understanding IP Routing
Viewing the Routing Table
Configuring Static Routes Part 1
Configuring Static Routes Part 2
Configuring Static Routes Part 3
Removing a Static Route
IP Routing and IP Classless
Configuring a Gateway of Last Resort

Dynamic Routing Basics
Dynamic Routing Overview
Administrative Distance
Distance Vector vs Link State Routing Protocols and Concepts
Routing Loops

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)
EIGRP Concepts and Terminology Part 1
EIGRP Concepts and Terminology Part 2
EIGRP Example 1 Introduction
Configuring EIGRP Part 1
Configuring EIGRP Part 2
Show IP Route
Specifying Interface Bandwidth
Calculating the Composite Metric Part 1
Calculating the Composite Metric Part 2
Show EIGRP Topology
Show IP Protocols
Show EIGRP Neighbors
Log Neighbor Changes
Debugging EIGRP
Configuring EIGRP Example 2
Determining Successor and Feasible Successor
Viewing EIGRP Topology Network Details
EIGRP Route Load Balancing
Advertising a Default Route with EIGRP
Configuring EIGRP Passive Interfaces
More Troubleshooting EIGRP

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
OSPF Introduction
How OSPF Works
OSPF Adjacencies
Calculating the OSPF Metric
Configuring OSPF
Show IP OSPF Neighbor
OSPF Priority
Changing Cost Metrics
OSPF Authentication
OSPF Authentication With MD5
Multi-Area OSPF
Configuring an Area Border Router
Configuring Area 1
LSA Types
Stub Area
Not So Stubby Area
OSPF Virtual Links
Assigning a Router ID
Advertising a Default Route with OSPF

Configuring Wide Area Networks (WANS)
WAN Protocols Part 1
WAN Protocols Part 2
Other WAN Connectivity Options
Enabling HDLC
Configuring PPP
Configuring PPP Authentication
Debugging PPP
Understanding Frame Relay Part 1
Understanding Frame Relay Part 2
Configuring Frame Relay and a Static Frame Relay Map
Frame Relay, Split Horizon, and Subinterfaces
Monitoring and Troubleshooting Frame Relay

Tips for Understanding IPv6 Now That You Understand IPv4
Hexadecimal Review
IPv6 Introduction and Writing IPv6 Addresses
IPv6 Address Examples
IPv6 Address Types
Special IPv6 Addresses and Special IPv6 Multicast Addresses
Understanding Link Local Addresses
IPv6 Address Type Examples
IPv6 Subnetting Part 1
IPv6 Subnetting Part 2
IPv6 Routing Protocols
Configuring an IPv6 Address on a Cisco Router Interface
IPv6 EUI-64 Format
IPv6 EUI-64 Example
Configuring a Router Interface Using the EUI-64 Format
Viewing IPv6 Router Interface Configuration
Real World Reasons for Manually Configuring Link Local Address
Configuring the Link Local Address on a Router Interface

IPv6 Routing Basics
ICMPv6 and the Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP)
Discovering MAC Addresses with NDP (ARPs Replacement in IPv6)
Viewing the Neighbor Discovery Table
Enabling IPv6 Routing on a Router
IPv6 Example Diagram and Configuring Routers Part 1
IPv6 Example Diagram and Configuring Routers Part 2
Configuring Static IPv6 Routes Using Next Hop Address
Configuring Static IPv6 Routes Using Outgoing Interface
Troubleshooting Routes
Configuring a Default Route for IPv6
IPv6 Routing and Encapsulation Example
Real World IPv6 Security with Global Unicast Addresses and No NAT or PAT
Real World Getting Global Unicast IP Addresses

Configuring IPv6 Clients and Hosts
Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (SLAAC) and DHCPv6
Configuring DHCPv6 on a Cisco Router to Hand Out DNS Servers
Seeing Autoconfiguration on a Windows Client
Configuring a DCHPv6 Relay Agent
Using Static IPv6 Addresses on Servers
Using DCHP or Stateless Autoconfiguration to Configure Router Interface IP

IGRP for IPv6
Using EIGRPv6 on Real Routers in a Lab
Configure EIGRPv6 on Routers and Interface Part 1
Configure EIGRPv6 on Routers and Interface Part 2
Turning on EIGRPv6
Viewing EIGRPv6 Routes
Configure EIGRPv6 Hello Interval and Hold Time
Configure EIGRPv6 Maximum Concurrent Paths
Viewing and Troubleshooting EIGRPv6 Status

Open Shortest Path First Version 3 for IPv6 (OSPF v3)
Using OSPFv3 on Cisco 2600 Series Routers
Loading an IOS Directly to DRAM
OSPFv2 vs OSPFv3
Configuring OSPF and Configure the Router ID
Enabling OSPFv3 on an Interface
Enabling OSPFv3 on Routers in Single Area 0
Verifying OSPFv3 Configuration and Neighbors
Viewing the OSPFv3 Database

Switching, Configuring Cisco Switches, and Spanning Tree
Benefits and Purpose of Switches
Giving a Switch an IP Address, a Default Gateway, and configuring Telnet Access
Configuring a Switch Port Speed and Duplex
Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
STP Root Bridge Election
Configuring Switch STP Priority and Setting the Root Bridge for a VLAN
STP Port States, Roles, and Path Cost
Determining Path Cost, Port States, and Roles
Determining Path Cost, Port States, and Roles Example Part 1
Determining Path Cost, Port States, and Roles Example Part 2
Configuring Portfast
BPDU Guard and BPDU Filter
Configuring UplinkFast and BackboneFast
Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) , PVST+, and Rapid PVST+
RSTP Port States
Enabling RSTP and Rapid PVST+
Switch Port Modes
Configuring Switch Port Security
Configuring Etherchannel Part 1
Configuring Etherchannel Part 2
Viewing the Mac Address Table and Assigning a Static Mac Addresses

What are VLANs Part 1
What are VLANs Part 2
Configuring and Creating New VLANs
Configuring the VLAN for a Switch Port
Understanding VLAN 1
Trunk Ports and Frame Tagging
Configuring Trunk Ports and Frame Tagging
Configuring the Native VLAN for a Trunk Port
Configuring Allowed VLANs on a Trunk
VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP)
Configuring VTP
Configuring VTP Pruning
Troubleshooting VTP
Routing Between VLANs Part 1
Routing Between VLANs Part 2
Routing Between VLANs with a Layer 3 Switch
Creating a Switch Virtual Interface (SVI) on a Layer 3 Switch

SNMP, NetFlow and Syslogging
Viewing the Logging Buffer and System Message Severity Levels
Configuring Console Logging
Sending Messages to a Syslog Server and Configuring Messages that are Sent
SNMP Components and Terminology
Configuring SNMP Version 2c on a Cisco Router
Configuring SNMP Traps to be Sent
Configuring SNMP Authentication in SNMPv3
Netflow and Netflow Components
Configuring Netflow on a Cisco Router
Viewing Netflow Configuration and Flows

Router Redundancy
How Router Redundancy Works
Redundancy Protocols
Configuring HSRP the Hot Standby Router Protocol
Viewing HSRP Router Status
Seeing HSRP Router Failure and Failover
Configuring Hello and Hold Timer
Configuring the Gateway Load Balancing Protocol Part 1
Configuring the Gateway Load Balancing Protocol Part 2

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
How a VPN Works
Purpose of VPNs
VPN Protocols
Creating a GRE Tunnel
Viewing the Status of a GRE Tunnel and Viewing Tunnel Routing

Conclusion for the Test
Tips for the Test
Membership Checklist
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