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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I get certified?

Answer: The training on is meant to prepare you to take the certification tests. Practice tests, chapter tests, end of movie quizzes, and flash cards are very important to being successful on a certification test, so we suggest you are at least a premium member if you are going for certifications so that you have access to these study aids. We suggest that after you finish a training title then take a practice test. We suggest you go chapter by chapter by only selecting a certain chapter for the practice test. Any questions you aren't sure about or you get wrong then you should mark the question for review and also mark the associated movies for review. Then go back and review the movies that are marked for review and take another practice test with only the questions marked for review. Do this with all chapters until you get the questions 100% correct. Then take another practice test with all of the test questions available to make sure you've got everything down. Review any questions you miss and the associate movies. Then, once you feel you are ready to take the certification tests you can go to to register and take the test. Vue is a completely independant company and is not affiliated with LLC. Most tests cost a little over $100 to take whether you pass or fail. does not guarantee that you are able to pass the test and does not refund money for failed tests.

Question: Can I buy the DVDs?

Answer: The training movies are only available online and offline via the Offline Player for Premium and Standard members. Currently we do not burn the training to DVD or ship them.

Question: Can I download the movies to my local computer?

Answer: You have to be online in order to view the training unless you purchase a Premium or LMS account. These accounts can use our exclusive offline movie player to view the movies offline. You can view one training title offline at a time. Only two offline players can be activated at a time. You can switch training titles at any time. You can also switch devices at any time by de-activating the active device's offline movie player and then activating another device's offline player.

Question: Is there another way to pay other than credit card?

Answer: Credit or Debit card is the only way to pay for an subscription when purchasing individual accounts. You can use Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.
For purchasing accounts in bulk we do accept purchase orders and wire transfers. To purchase multiple accounts please contact

Question: How many people can log in with one registered account?

Answer: One registered user account is good for one person. Accounts are not transferrable and must only be used by one person. Accounts are not concurrent licenses. Everyone must have their own account. The only time an account can be transferred is an LMS User account if the person has left the company or moved to another department.

Question: How do I view all of the movies?

Answer: In order to view all of the movies you must set up a setup a login account.
here to set up a login account.

Question: How do I cancel my subscription?

Answer: You can cancel at any time by logging in and clicking on the "My Account" link at the top of any page. Then check the box to cancel and click the submit button.

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